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About Pond PCS

Pond PCS is a Dallas, TX based manufacturer of computer controlled pump stations and turf irrigation control systems. Pond PCS was founded nearly a decade ago and is proud to have earned a reputation of the integration experts.

Mission Statement

The Pond PCS mission is simple, to provide the very best products at the very best price. For Pond PCS, this means getting the job done through intelligent use of technology. For example, the Pond PCS Dallas, TX manufacturing plant utilizes a very high level of automation, to include robotic welding, automated pipe and manifold fabrication, and CNC plasma plate cutting. This overall intelligent use of technology results in increased product quality at the very best possible price.

introducing the SOLO controller patent pending

Pond PCS is proud to be the exclusive provider of the revolutionary SOLO™ controller, the industry’s first and only, all-in-one central irrigation control system. SOLO alleviates the limitations and much higher costs of controlling the pump station with one controller, and the irrigation heads with another.

Traditionally, the irrigation systems left hand had no way of knowing what the right was doing, the pump station was controlled independent of the irrigation heads. With SOLO, all of the equipment in the irrigation system is controlled with one simple controller. SOLO eliminates complex communication links and allows for a trouble-free, highly effective course management experience.

SOLO™ provides comprehensive control for the pump station, irrigation heads, chemical injection pumps, fountains, lake fill and booster pumps, along with user configurable time and event based control of equipment such as lighting and fans.


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