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Pond PCS Pumping Systems

Incredible Value!

Horizontal Configuration

Vertical Configuration

 Featuring the SOLO™ Control System, please click on images to enlarge them.


Pond PCS pump stations are loaded with revolutionary SOLO™ technologies that earn the highest regard in the industry.

Pond PCS Exclusive Features

  • Professionally sandblasted and hot dipped galvanized skids, further protected with industrial, 2-part epoxy coating.
  • Largest and most intuitive touch-screen interface, featuring fully animated CleverOptics™ (humane-machine interface software) viewed on a 15" full color industrial LCD touch-screen monitor.
  • VFD equipped with robust main power components, rated 150% over most others, enduring the worst of circumstances.
  • System controlled by  software, the most advanced pump control technology available.
  • Independent, high & low voltage industrial enclosures, operator friendly, ergonomically designed, and safeguards sensitive electronics against high voltage interference.
  • Integrated hinged and lockable grate style wet-well access hatch, allows hands free, safe inspections. 
  • Stainless steel, 1/4% (.625psi) accuracy pressure transducers, used for both system pressure and water level sensing.
  • Reliable, transducer type water level sensor, source level (lake, etc) can be viewed in inches or total gallons available.
  • CleverSeries™ control system including CleverControl™ & CleverOptics™, making the most of your pumping system.
  • Easily customizable system parameters, requiring only single touch, superintendent-friendly interaction.
  • Heavy duty lug-style isolation valves used throughout, including station discharge, individual pump, relief valve, and pump inlets for horizontal configurations.
  • Individual main pump operation selection, select between VFD capable or XL only.
  • Manually configurable main pump sequencing selection, allows troubled pumps to be operated in last order.

Standard System Features

  • Silent type, Nibco brand, wafer-style check valves, actuating with minimal noise and ensuring perfect isolation.
  • Skids are welded seamlessly throughout, including deck plate perimeter and skid substructure.
  • Diamond-plate anti-slip deck surface for safety, comes galvanized, profiled, then painted, for life.
  • Highly reinforced channel beam substructure, fabricated with close proximity cross members and seamless welds.
  • Stainless steel auxiliary pump, 5hp for 18 hole course ( 50gpm@120psi), or 3hp for 9 hole course ( 30gpm@120psi).
  • Conveniently located water hose connection, for system draining or station wash down.
  • Individual pump pressure ports, isolated with high quality ball valves, allowing individual pump testing and air release.
  • High quality and properly sized Cla-Val brand system relief valve, capable of relieving total station capacity without the slightest of over-pressurization within the irrigation system.
  • Brass construction Data Industrial brand flow sensor and transmitter, installed in compliance with manufacturer specifications, ensuring maximum accuracy (+- 1%) and long-term repeatability.
  • High quality Kooltronic brand heat exchanger, featuring all steel construction. Efficiently utilizes pond water to cool temperature sensitive, high power electronic components.
  • Individually fused pump motors, provides maximum motor protection.
  • All plumbing in compliance with ANSI (American National Standards Institute), ensuring plumbing standardization.
  • Most recent 256 faults and system events logged with date and time (12hr-AM/PM) stamps accurate to the nearest second, including flow, pressure, and lake level values logged at the time of event/fault occurrence.
  • Incoming power monitoring, protection against loss of phase, low voltage, and unbalanced power input.
  • High quality Square-D brand surge and lighting suppressor, proven technology with individual phase indication LED's.
  • Pond PCS direct dial-up and internet connectivity capability, allowing remote troubleshooting, monitoring, and control.
  • Twin mechanically and electrically interlocked motor starters, allowing auto-alternation between main pumps.

Vertical Pump Station Features

  • Vertical pumps offer higher efficiencies than horizontal pumps, which results in more water per horsepower.
  • The pump ends of vertical pumps are designed to be submersed, therefore, eliminating any chance of losing prime.
  • Most vertical pumps are designed to operate at 1/2 the speed of horizontal pumps. Since components wear by the cube of the rotational speed, bearings, impellers, and other rotating components wear at a rate eight times less than a typical horizontal pump.
  • Pumps are driven with high quality US Motors, featuring oil-bath thrust bearings and inverter (VFD) duty insulation.

Horizontal Pump Station Features

  • Pond PCS Exclusive independent pump Intake design, utilizes high quality submersible swing-check valves on pump inlets, which allows system pressure to remain in the pumps during idle or off state. This uniquely prevents harmful dry running of the pumps, and eliminates the need for unreliable priming devices since the pump is always full of water and ready for service.
  • Durable frame-mounted pumps, pump and motor are mounted independently enabling easier, less expensive repair.
  • Upfront installation and station costs are considerably lower, along with no need for a wet-well or onsite pump installation.
  • Stainless steel submersible auxiliary pump/s, used for pressure maintenance, light watering, and purging the main pumps of air following the system being completely drained, further eliminating the need for unreliable priming devices
  • Shipped as single unit, only requiring main power and water line connections upon arrival.

Options & Accessories

  • Horizontal or vertical pump configurations.
  • Remote access kit, allowing full control from either internet or remote computer
  • Additional submersible auxiliary pumps, 2, 5hp pumps (100gpm@120psi) typically provide sufficient water for syringing purposes, thus, eliminating the need for main pump cycling throughout the day. This reduces wear on the main pumps, associated power components, and the VFD.
  • Custom fabricated discharge pipe.
  • Stainless steel skids, pumps, plumbing, and electrical enclosures for extreme environments or corrosive water applications.
  • Air conditioned electrical enclosures for particularly hot or humid environments.
  • Industrial pump house heater.
  • Auxiliary low voltage (120vac) power transformer for existing irrigation equipment etc.
  • Pressure rated and non-pressure rated intakes and screens.
  • Main line irrigation filtration with automatic flush valve.
  • Chemical injection pumps & accessories.


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