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Rugged, Cost Effective Intake Solutions


Galvanized, Dual Inlet Intake Screen


Pond PCS intakes come in two varieties, pressure rated and non-pressure rated. Both types feature hot-dipped galvanized protection and offer simple, rugged, cost effective intake solutions, built for endurance. The primary advantage with Pond PCS intakes is the choice of raw materials and the application thereof, for instance, competitive designs use large rubber-based hose or thin corrugated metal for the flume pipe, rubber and metal are subject to deterioration over time and typically requires replacement within 20 years. Pond PCS utilizes H.D.P.E. (High Density Polyethylene), HDPE is far less expensive, does not deteriorate, and is unaffected by being submersed or exposed to fluctuating temperatures for long periods of time. HDPE is also a very strong, flexible, and lightweight material that doesn’t require the additional expense of heavy lifting or crane type equipment for installation.


In most cases, Pond PCS intakes can be purchased and installed for less than half the cost of that found with competitive designs. Pond PCS pressure rated intake designs vary depending on the quantity of main pumps, pressure requirements, and overall length. Non-pressure rated designs are manufactured for standard pump station capacities.



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