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Galvanized Protection



Pond PCS is proud to reveal another fine example of unmatched reliability, introducing galvanized pump stations, truly protecting the investments of our customers.


Pond PCS is currently the only pump station manufacturer that provides the increased value of hot dipped galvanized protection for every pump station. Galvanizing a pump stations components typically costs less than $1000. This costs is comparable to that of painting, considering galvanizing consist of dipping the steel structures in a sequence of kettles, as compared to the extensive time and labor necessary to properly prepare a structure of such unique geometry for priming and paint. A pump station utilizing paint for corrosion protection has a typical service life of between ten and twenty years, whereas a galvanized pump station will remain rust-free and durable for more than one hundred years.



The Fabrication Process

All Pond PCS station skids and intakes are fabricated at our Dallas, TX facility, once complete, they are sent out to a local plant to be hot-dipped galvanized. The galvanizing process consists of chemically preparing the steel by immersing the steel structures in a large preparation baths of acid, and then a final kettle of molten zinc.

Pond PCS utilizes galvanized protection due to its well-known, time-tested method of inhibiting rust and corrosion. Pond PCS intake screens and pump stations are processed inline with roadside guardrails, steel power poles, signposts, and various other structures that are routinely exposed to harsh environments. Galvanized protection guarantees Pond PCS pump stations will survive long after others have rotted away.

The following graph illustrates the service life of galvanized steel exposed to different environments. The process we apply results in a 6-mill zinc thickness. Service life varies given the numerous geographical and application conditions the steel will be exposed to, though at worst, galvanized skids can be expected to last 100+ years prior to experiencing 5% rust on the steel surface. Please visit the American Galvanizers Associationís (AGA) website for in-depth information regarding all aspects of galvanized steel.    www.gal vanizeit.org


Click here to watch an short animation of the galvanizing process (requires QuickTime player)



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